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Wide Fit

Db easy b 8E wide fit shoes from Dowling shoes Whitchurch Hampshire near Basingstoke, Winchester, Newbury, Reading
Since founded in 1946 by my grandfather George "Nick" Dowling we have always prided ourselves in taking the time to source, supply and fit correctly the very best in comfortable, quality footwear in a variety of extra wide fittings. We meet many people who have become skeptical that they will ever get a good fitting shoe after being promised "wide fit" on the high street or from a catalogue and it still not fitting. It's worth knowing though that with the rise in popularity in comfortable shoes the term "wide fit" is often banded around when a more accurate description might be an only slighty wider  "standard plus" or "fuller fit". With our experience specifically in meeting the needs of people with wide or swollen feet over three generations, we can make sure you leave with the right fitting shoe for you. Be that standard plus all the way to 8E extra wide, extra deep shoes that often carry unique features (ones that you will not find in the high street) that make the footwear from us roomy, comfortable and a pleasure to wear.

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