wide fit comfortable shoes reccomended by podiatrists 70 years of fitting experience shop is between Winchester Newbury Andover and Basingstoke on the Berkshire Hampshire border. Free parking
Dowling Shoes have been specialists in great fitting shoes for nearly 70 years. If you think, or have been told you need a wider fit shoe, have one foot more swollen than the other or just need a shoe or boot that guarantees all day comfort we are sure to have something for you.
We would always recommend if you can to visit the shop so we can show you the shoes in person, take you time and try on several types of shoes so ultimately we can fit you with the best style for you. But this is the world wide web and we understand that isn't always possible so below is as comprehensive a selection as I can put up at this moment. Most of the styles you can see would be the same as the ones available in the shop and if the description doesn't answer all your questions you can call us on 01256893551 or I always have twitter and facebook on during shop opening hours so I can take your questions on there. Or alternatively email your questions to and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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138 items in this category