It might sound obvious but making sure the shoes fit you correctly is probably the most important thing to get right if you want a comfortable shoe. With that in mind then it might surprise you that my first piece of advice is to take less notice of the size printed on the box, I'll explain more in point one.
  1. Trust yourself, shoes are now made all around the world  and though the quality control has for the most part improved greatly in recent years the sizes can still vary immensely depending on where the shoes were made. So when buying shoes it's important to trust in the feeling they give you when you have them on and try not to get too hung up on what size is on the box. Remember it's just a guide and as simple as it sounds if there are no gaps showing, you have a bit of room for your toes and they feel like they fit, then they probably do. That elephant now removed from the room we can move move on to how to best insure you can get  great fitting shoes even if you can't make it to the shop to try them on.
  2. Variable fit, is a great new way some of the better comfort shoe manufactures have come up with to give each shoe two different widths fittings. This is very helpful if you only have one swollen foot but also gives you double the chances the shoe will fit when buying online and really can make a notable difference.

  3. Measuring your feet. The basic method of measuring is the same no matter what shoe you decide to buy but for the reasons explained in section one to get the most accurate guide of what size you need it only really works when the measure you use is made by the same people who make the shoes. 
  4. We are here to help. We are not a large shop so if you call up, email or facebook message you can only get someone who knows what's what and often with just a bit of information from you we can guide you in the direction of a shoe that should suit you perfectly. We might even end up recommending a shoe that isn't online yet in which case we can often list it on the site the same day for you to take a look at.
  5. Remember you can always return them. It's still a pain I know that's why we want to give you the very best chance of getting the right shoes first time but if you've followed all our advice and they still don't feel right then we can arrange for them to be picked up from your house or collected from a location local to you. We try and keep the return costs to the very minimum but it might also be worth you considering adding the return insurance to your order which gives you the piece of mind of a free return.