Easy B wide fitting shoes

easy b wide fit shoes reccomened by podiatrists to fit your feet perfectly no matter how wide or sensitive your feet are.
DB Shoes was founded in 1920 in Northamptonshire, the centre of British footwear manufacturing, by identical twins Jack and Bill Denton. The company is now run by third generation family members, Charles and David Denton, who are also identical twins.

Today, Easy B, DB are best known for the manufacture of comfortable, quality footwear in a variety of extra wide fittings. Indeed, no other British company offer a greater range of fittings for wider feet.

Though footwear manufacturing in England has declined over the years, DB Shoes has bucked the trend with UK production increasing over the last couple of years to cope with increased demand. The majority of Easy B's shoes are still made in their Rushden factory, by experienced craftsmen with a sympathetic eye for detail.
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111 items in this category