Autumn shoes boots slippers and wellies ready for winter and the cold months

Our shop of shoes has been part of the small town of Whitchurch in the Northern part of Hampshire since 1946 and we hope we can continue giving good service to our customers wherever you may be for many years to come.

Whilst on my walks around town delivering shoes during lockdown I started to appreciate just what a lovely area we're lucky enough to be in. I know now many of you travel to the shop and town from sometimes quite a way away and I had this idea of instead of using the stock images supplied by our manufacturers as I have done it might be nice to start showcasing some of the views and walks we have around the town. So when you visit, or even if you never do you can get to know Whitchurch and the surrounding area just a little more. There is no timescale to this, lots of new season shoes coming in and my photography is a bit hit and miss so who knows when I'll be posting more but if it's something you would like to see more of please let me know on our facebook page.

This first photo taken of the obscured All Hallows church from the Cricket pitch on Andover Road.